Pixley Vernal Pool Reserve

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These pools, some of the few remaining in the Central Valley grassland, are excellent examples of the temporary pools that once were common in the region. Forming in undrained hollows or depressions during the late fall or winter with the advent of the rainy season, they persist through the late spring or, rarely, to early summer.

Over 160 plant species have been identified from this area, including Downingia bella, Plagriobothrys undulatus, Lasthenia fremontii, Brodiaea terrestris, Dichelostemma capitatum and Gilia tricolor.

Most of the grasses are introduced but there are some natives, including Stipa spp.

Integrity: The area has been closed to grazing since 1964, and the pools now are in good condition.

Use: Private.

March 1978

Inventory of California Natural Areas
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