Samwel Cave

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Of the numerous caves in the McCloud limestone, which dates to the Permian era, this is one of the more northerly of the major caves in the Shasta Lake region.

Numerous cave and limestone formations, including active stalactites and stalagmites as well as a "mud glacier," are found within this three-level cave. There are several chambers and some 275 meters (900 feet) of connecting passageways.

Numerous Pleistocene and Recent fossils have been recovered from the cave, including scrub oxen, Euceraterium collinum, a horse, Equus sp., dire wolf, Canis dirus, ground sloth, Nothrotherium shastense, and giant short-faced bear, Arctodus pristinus.

There are also archaeological materials.

An oak woodland is the dominant vegetation in the area.

Integrity: The cave has been vandalized.

Use: Restricted. There is a gate preventing entry.

Ref: Watkins, S., et al. 1972. Shasta Speleological Society Studies of Samwel Cave. Ms. 10 pp.

October 1976

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