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Rancheria Road - Oak Flat Area

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Along this road, which climbs the west slope of the Sierra in the Greenhorn Mountains, is a typical transect showing altitudinal change. In the lower elevation there are grasslands composed primarily of exotics. This gives way to a chaparral association with buck brush, Ceanothus cuneatus, gooseberry, Ribes quercetorum, and mountain mahogany, Cercocarpus betuloides. In the higher elevations there is an oak woodland, with blue oak, Quercus douglasii, interior live oak, Quercus wislizenii, and gray pine, Pinus sabiniana, the dominants.

Within the area are several rare plants including Mimulus pictus, Navarretia setiloba and Calochortus striatus.

Animal life is typical and includes such species as mule deer, Odocoileus hemionus, woodrat, Neotoma fuscipes, and the night lizard, Xantusia vigilis.

Integrity: While the grasslands have been grazed, they have not been over-grazed and the land is rela­tively undisturbed. A portion of the area was burned in the late 1950's.

Use: Research, educational, observational, present. Some private.

Ref: Lawrence, George, 1960. The Effects of Chaparral Fire on the Vertebrate Animals in the Southern Sierra Nevada Foothills. Jour. of Ecology, Spring.

October 1977

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